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Lácar Area: Yuco - Nonthue Lake - Hua HumOutdoors

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Yuco - Nonthue Lake - Hua Hum

A full-day excursion that includes beautiful white sandy beaches, green water, Arrayán trees, waterfalls, and the astonishing Patagonian forest and Valdivian rainforest.

Duration: Half noon

Distance: 53 kms

Recommendations: Our best contribution is not to alter the landscape.

Enabled: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

walking with the potential for accessibility

walking with the potential for accessibility: There is a trail with a gentle slope which makes it possible to have access in a wheelchair. In Hua Hum, the Van Dorsser Museum has got adapted toilets fot the disabled.

Description tour: Yuco - Nonthue Lake - Hua Hum

Hua Hum is located 50 kilometres from the town of San Martín de los Andes where you will find an International Pass on the West. You can reach the place driving along the Provincial Road Nº 48, which is not paved.

You have to leave the city towards Junín de los Andes and take the first turn to the left.

After reaching Lanín National Park, you will find a splendid viewpoint with a wide view of the city and the lake. You should be attentive because it is located at the beginning of a rising bend, and there are no information signs.

A few metres further you will see the way to Bandurrias viewpoint, then the road goes past the Pampa de Trompul where you will see on the left a huge rock called Trompul Stone. This rock gave origin to many Mapuche legends referring to the particular sound that causes the wind when it passes through the rock.

The circuit has got many bends and the forest begins to increase, entering gradually into a Colihue and Raulí trees tunnel, and after about fifteen kilometres you will reach Yuco beach.


It is a beautiful peninsula with some small bays of white sand, with rocks and green water reflecting the surrounding vegetation.

You will find Arrayán trees, ideal for taking pictures, and a daytime recreation area near the Park Ranger's House.

The beach is very popular. From there (on the other side of the road) it starts the path that leads to the trail "Las Corinas", a good option for the whole family (see trekking tours).

Nonthué Lake

The Lácar Lake is the only one from the basin that drains into the Pacific Ocean, after narrowing it becomes the Nonthué Lake and through the Hua Hum River it enters Chile and forms part of Pirehueico Lake.

Twelve kilometres from Yuco, where the Lácar Lake is narrower and Nonthué Lake begins, there is a wild campsite located on a wide beach.

The journey offers various wonderful views hiding among the vegetation.

Hua Hum

Almost at the end of the circuit, there are a hotel and a restaurant, a beach and a pier.

Very close to the International Pass, in the foothills of the so-called Valdivian rainforest there are unique species of plants (liana, epiphytes, canelo, taique) that can develop thanks to the rainfall which exceeds the 4,000 mm. per year. The area concentrates tourist options such as sport fishing, rafting on Hua Hum River, and it is near other points of interest such as Queñi Lake and its thermal springs, Chachín Cascade and the International Pass Hua Hum, to cross into Chile.

Chachín Cascade

We suggest to go on some more kilometres from Hua Hum to visit Chachín Cascade, one of the highest waterfalls in the region, that exceeds the twenty-metre fall.

To reach this place you should go past the Information office and take the first turn left that crosses over Hua Hum River.

Just after the bridge there is a campsite, a picnic area and the Park Ranger's House located on the right on top of a hill.

The path descends 1.5 kilometres until a new detour that leads to Queñi Lake, just when you go along it you will find a sign saying "Parking lot - Cascade 600 metres". When you get off the vehicle there is an interesting interpretive trail waiting for you, with boards explaining the functions of the forest, and a rising path that will lead to a viewpoint opposite the majesty of the waterfall after a half an hour walk.

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