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Mountain bike: Lolog LakeSports and Adventure

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Lolog Lake

A spectacular circuit, difficult at the beginning, leads to Lolog Lake, located near the city of San Martín de los Andes.

Duration: One day

Distance: 12 kms

Recommendations: Take water, a warm jacket, energy food, photograph camera, during the fishing season use the correct flyfishing equipment. Drive cautiously, the way is full of vehicles in summer

Enabled: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Description tour: Lolog Lake

You should take the National Road Nº 234 towards Junín de los Andes. You will find the first ascent when you leave the city, in Cuesta de los Andes.

At the end of the slope, you will see on your left the "Regimiento de Caballería de Montaña Nº 4, Coraceros Gral. Lavalle".

From there on the road is full of bends and it is not paved. After going up along the last slope, you will see on the right the Oak trees, Chapelco mountain, and the area of "La Vega" where there are some rural homes and residential areas. Here you will see few vegetation, mostly Radales and Maitenes, there are cattle ranches and Pine plantations on both sides of the road.

Then the road joins with another rural strecht (the old access to Lolog Lake), which connects this area to the Eastern part of La Vega Maipú, called Villa Ruca Hue, and the National Road Nº 234, being an option to consider for returning to San Martín de los Andes.

Then you should turn left. The long straight way ahead requires caution with the vehicles coming from the opposite way.

Villa Lolog

The next junction will lead to Villa Lolog Lake, with residential homes, tourist cabins, a restaurant and the beach "Playa Bonita". On the right you will see the bridge over the river Quilquihue, which is born in Lolog Lake and it is a good place for sport fishing.

There are many beaches along the coast, where you can have a rest, and in the entrance to Seccional Puerto Arturo of Lanín National Park you will find a supply shop and a wild campsite (8 km from the crossing).

The return is almost all in decline. You can go back along the same way or take the one that joins with the National Road Nº 234.

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